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[photo] [Morning on Fallen Leaf Lake 1]

Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 30 x 20 in (76 x 51 cm)
Provenance: In collection of Edan Milton Hughes, San Francisco, by 1999.
Site: Fallen Leaf Lake, just west of Lake Tahoe, was a frequent subject for 19th century west coast landscape artists.
Description: Broadleaf trees and brush line both sides of a still creek or lake inlet at the bottom left. On the right, a canopy of three trees with white lower trunks is silhouetted against the blue sky; at their base two fallen snags lie on the bank. On the left, on the far side of the forest stand two tall, slender snags. In the distance is the hazy outline of a ridge with a bump near the center. (From a color photograph.)
Note: In fall, 1999, an image of this painting was posted on the World-Wide Web site that displays the collection of Edan Milton Hughes, under inventory #979. It was simultaneously offered for sale by california-art.com using that same inventory number and title.
Identification: Title of unknown origin, as reported by Eden Hughes

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