Frederick Ferdinand Schafer(1839-1927)

A Preliminary Catalog of his Paintings

by Jerome H. Saltzer, Professor of Computer Science Emeritus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Mount Hood from the Dalles, Oregon by Frederick Ferdinand Schafer
Photograph courtesy of Braarud Fine Art, LaConner, Washington

Overview. This catalog is an ongoing inventory of the paintings of Frederick Ferdinand Schafer, a nineteenth-century landscape artist of what is sometimes called the San Francisco or Rocky Mountain school.

Though Schafer was born in Germany, most of his known works were painted in America, in California and other far western states, between 1873 and 1911. Schafer apparently did not leave a list of his works, so this inventory has been constructed using information from collectors, dealers, auction houses, and museums. It documents over 800 of his paintings, in most cases including a reproduction, plus another 100 or so for which only partial information has been located. There is also a list of about 380 painting titles that appeared in nineteenth century exhibition or auction listings with no further information, which makes matching them up with currently known paintings problematic.

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The artist circa 1903
Photograph courtesy of
the artist's great-grandson,
Melvyn Frederick Hughes

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