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An etching artist who signs "Frederic Schaefer"

An etching offered at auction in 2004 bears the signature "Frederic Schaefer" both in the plate and in pencil in the margin, in a script hand quite similar to the script hand of Frederick Ferdinand Schafer. However, the etching also carries the date 1852, at which time Frederick Ferdinand Schafer would have been 13 years old, so it is likely that the etching was produced by a different artist. No other etchings or art objects signed in this way have been located and nothing has been discovered about this Frederic Schaefer.

[etching image]

Quaint Harbor
by "Frederic Schaefer"

etching, 5-1/2 x 7-7/8 in
Courtesy of Swann Galleries

[signature inscription]

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