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Newspaper advertisement of an Oakland decorating store that mentions paintings by Schafer

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Image credit: Located by James Marquardt.

Information about this image:
Original: Published Monday, 9 December 1879, in the Oakland Tribune XVI, 278, page 2, column 5.
Adjustments: Image digitally contrast-enhanced and sharpened. Image contains ICC color profile.
Note: H. Lutz and M. A. Berg ran a store in Oakland, California, that specialized in wall hangings, including paintings, mirrors, panels, and cornices. This advertisement (sometimes with minor editing) was repeated frequently from at least 8 December 1879 until 19 January 1880, and later display advertisements continued to mention Schafer paintings. Also, some later advertisements add the forename "Richard" in front of Schafer. This addition may be an error, or it may indicate that their paintings are by a different artist who shares the same surname. However, no record of an artist named Richard Schafer has been located.
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