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Frederick Ferdinand Schafer Painting Catalog

Painting record FFSd0739

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[photo] [Mountain landscape 5]

Date: undated
Medium: oil on artist's board
Size: 7 x 10 inches (18 x 25 cm)
Inscription: l/l "F. Schafer" in a hand other than the artist
Verso: no inscription
Provenance: private collection, San Francisco, by 2002; with private collection, San Francisco, 2002; with San Francisco Estate Galleries, sold via eBay, Incorporated 24-31 March 2004.
Citations: eBay, Incorporated item #3509568469
Attribution: The style and palette are consistent with other similar oil sketches by Schafer. The signature, with its sloppy "F" and rounded letters appears to be a later addition by another hand. Similar signatures are found on several small sketches.
Identification: Descriptive title from the sale description

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