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[photo] [Mount Shasta 18]

Inscription: l/r "Sch…" illegible in photograph
Reproductions: owner's photograph
Site: Probably Mount Shasta, but the shape of the peak also suggests Old Baldy (Mount San Antonio) near Los Angeles.
Description: Under a blue sky with a few clouds, A snow-covered Mount Shasta is viewed from a flat-bottomed river valley with a large mountain range rising to the right in the mid-distance. The river appears in the middle of the scene and flows directly to the front center of the painting, rippling around several rocks. At the left edge, two tall, slender broadleaf trees reach into the sky above the rest of the forest; a group of half a dozen darker conifers stands in front of the forest. In the foreground, a sandy river bank gives way to rocks and a bumpy grassy area. On the right bank again a few dark green conifers stand in front of a broadleaf forest beyond. (From a color photograph).
Note: The only information available is a snapshot received from Edan Milton Hughes in 1992.

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