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[photo] [California coast]

Date: undated
Medium: oil on canvas, lined
Size: 14 x 24 in (36 x 61 cm)
Inscription: l/r "F. Schafer", in the artist's block-letter hand, underlined
Provenance: With James Bakker & Co., Boston, 17 September 1994. With Robert W. Skinner Inc., Bolton, Massachusetts, 18 July 1996. With eBay, Incorporated, 14 November--21 November 1999. To private collection, Atlanta, December 1999.
Citations: 17 September 1994 sale listing, lot 152; 18 July 1996 sale catalog 1722, lot 218 eBay, Incorporated item #200491285
Description: Small waves wash up on a sandy beach in a cove on the right, and break on a rocky point on the other side of the cove. Higher rocks are visible just beyond the point, then a more distant cove on which there are two sailboats; across the back the coastline recedes into low hills. The sky above is filled with misty clouds; a few seagulls circle over the more distant rocks. The painting is quite light in color, mostly shades of beige. (From a color photograph 1/9/97.)
Note: The 1966 catalog gives a date of "c. 1905" but there is no evidence for this date; it is probably based on the unsupported but widely circulated conjecture that Schafer's later paintings are lighter. The title comes from a handwritten label on the back.

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