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[photo] Autumn on the Hackensack River, New York
Photo credit: Early California and Western Art Research, 1986
Date: probably undated
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 20 x 36 in (51 x 91 cm)
Inscription: l/l "F Schafer", in the artist's block-letter hand
Verso: said to be titled
Provenance: With Sotheby's, Los Angeles, 16 March 1981. With Bonhams & Butterfields, San Francisco, 23 September 1982. With Bonhams & Butterfields, San Francisco, 21 June 1984. With Bonhams & Butterfields, San Francisco, 22 May 1986.
Reproductions: 16 March 1981 catalog 299, lot 218; 23 September 1982 sale catalog 3220P, lot 151; 21 June 1984 sale catalog, lot 2158; 22 May 1986 sale catalog 3677P, lot 2003; Early California and Western Art Research/Schafer slide #78 (color, 1986)
Citations: Inventory of American Paintings… record 63000778
Site: The Hackensack river meanders gently from the southern edge of New York state into northern New Jersey, parallel to the Hudson river. There do not appear to be any landmarks in the painting that pinpoint the exact location along the river, but it may be between the towns of West Nyack and Blauvelt, New York, in which case the road at the left of the painting would be the road that connects those two towns and the view would be to the south.
Description: A very colorful painting. The river is in the lower right center; two cows, one white, one brown, stand on the right bank at the river's edge. Eastern forest trees, mostly green but one turned to brown, and boulders are on the left bank with a path leading up the hill to the left between dark green trees. Several more cows stand along the left bank in the distance. On the right bank are seen a few more brown trees among the green. Very bright, grey sky. A dead branch is caught on a rock along the shore. (From a color photograph.)
Identification: The title is from the 1981 sale catalog, which reports a verso inscription. The 1982 and 1986 sale catalogs use the alternate title, but the three catalog photographs appear to be of the same painting. The Early California and Western Art Research index identifies the slide with the 1986 sale.
Other title(s): Autumn river landscape (1982 and 1986 sale catalogs)

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