Frederick Ferdinand Schafer Painting Catalog

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Catalog page 4 (back cover) of the May 1886 gaslight exhibition and auction sale of Schafer paintings in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

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Image credit: Private collection, Salt Lake City. Found by Ronald L. Fox. Used with permission.

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Catalog page 4 (back cover).
(1) Newspaper notice of the Monday exhibition and Tuesday evening sale.
(2) Newspaper report of the Tuesday evening sale.
(3) Newspaper report of the Wednesday evening sale.
(4) Newspaper report of the Thursday evening sale and drawing.
(5) Newspaper Report of the Friday evening sale.
(6) Newspaper notice of the sale extended to Monday.
(7) Newspaper notice of extended stay in Salt Lake City for sketching and painting.

Information about this image:
Original: A single 7 inch by 9 inch sheet, printed both sides, long dimension folded once to create a 4-page flyer that is 7 by 4.5 inches.
Scan: Scanned at 800 pixels/inch, 16 bits/pixel.
Adjustments: Standard post-scan processing.
Note: (1) A series of seven newspaper notices, together with this catalog, chronicle a sale of Schafer paintings by San Francisco auctioneer C.P. Troy in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, in May 1886. The reports are numbered (1) through (7). (2) A penciled five-line note on the back cover of the catalog is too light to be seen in the image above. It reads:

Dorissa Marks
2f3 by ? feet
6"1  "  25
across top 1f. 2/in
from bottom to top 5.5
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