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Frederick Ferdinand Schafer Painting Catalog

Painting record FFSd1103

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[photo] [High Sierra Scene]

Medium: not reported; appears to be oil on canvas
Size: not reported; may be 16 x 24 inches (61 x 41 cm)
Inscription: not reported
Verso: not reported
Provenance: not reported
Exhibited: California Artists 1860 – 1930, 8 May – 30 June 1988, Modesto, California
Reproductions: California Artists 1860 – 1930 image #23.
Note: 1. The California Artists 1860 – 1930 catalog says this painting was exhibited in California Landscape Painting, 1860–1885, Palo Alto, California, 1975-76, but it does not appear in the catalog of that exhibition. 2. The California Artists 1860 – 1930 catalog presents the painting as if it is a pendant with [Mountain peak 1].
Identification: Descriptive title of unknown origin as found in the California Artists 1860 – 1930 exhibition catalog.
In index(es): Title list, unidentified mountain scenes

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