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[photo] Sketchbook [ca 1891]
Photo credit: Owner's photograph, 2017
Date: from dates on some of the sketches, circa 1891
Medium: A leather-covered loose-leaf sketchbook
Size: 4 x 7-1/2 in (10 x 34 cm)
Inscription: "Sketch Book." imprinted in gold on the cover
Provenance: The artist; by descent on or before the artist's death in 1927 to the artist's grandson, Frederick Otto Hughes; by gift by 1982 to the artist's great-grandson, Melvyn Frederick Hughes; by sale January 2016 to private collection, Tucson, Arizona. With Uno Langmann Limited, Vancouver, B.C. in 2020, included in inventory #j19462. (The provenance before the January 2016 sale is based on October 2015 e-mails from Melvyn Frederick Hughes. The exact trail of ownership within the family is uncertain.)
Citations: Personal communications with Melvyn Frederick Hughes in 2015 and 2016, with the 2016 collector in 2017, and with Uno Langmann Limited in 2020.
Description: Leather covers enclosing 32 loose pages held together with tied strings. The pages contain watercolor and pencil sketches, some of which are dated in the fall of 1891. Some pages have more than one sketch and one page has a second sketch on the back. Since some pages were found loose the sketchbook may not be complete and the pages may not be in their original order. None of the sketches are signed, so attribution to Frederick Ferdinand Schafer must be by style and provenance. Some of the sketches may have been made by others, such as Schafer's son Otto.
Note: The individual sketches in this sketchbook are listed in an index of sketchbook sketches.
In index(es): Title list, sketchbook sketches

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