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[photo] Evening on Mount Shasta, California [1]
Photo credit: Owner's photograph, 2005
Date: by 1889 (see Legend)
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 30 x 50 in (76 x 127 cm)
Inscription: l/r "F.Schafer." underlined
Verso: l/c "Ev. on Mt. Shasta California.", u/r "$250.00" in black brush.
Provenance: In collection of Richard Charles Hardisty, Edmonton, Alberta by 1889 (See Legend); by descent to collection of Percy Hardisty, Edmonton, Alberta in 1889; by descent to a nephew, Edmonton, Alberta circa 1947; by descent to private collection, Edmonton, Alberta, by 1998; by descent to private collection, Edmonton, Alberta by 2005; by descent to private collection, Calgary, Alberta, in 2007.
Site: Mount Shasta, viewed from the South, through an unidentified river valley (probably the Upper Sacramento River), with Shastina on the left.
Description: Two riders depart along a trail on the left bank of a river. On the right bank is an encampment with at least three tepees. The left foreground is filled with clutter--small stones on the trail, a snag among wildflowers on the right side of the trail; several boulders on the left and two standing and leaning snags at the far left edge. Two tall conifers stand silhouhetted against the sky with more forest beyond and there is a high cliff at the left edge. The hillside across the river is sparsely forested. A two-peaked and snow-capped stratovolcano in the center distance stands under an sky with a few thin clouds. (From a color photograph.)
Legend: Said to have been a gift by the governor of California to Richard C. Hardisty. Mr. Hardisty was the chief factor of Fort Edmonton from 1862-1864 and the first Canadian Senator from the district of Alberta. Mr. Hardisty died in 1889, so the picture must have been painted by that year.
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