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[photo] Chimney Rock, French Broad Region, West Carson
Photo credit: Nancy Ferreira, Christopher Queen Galleries
Date: undated
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 30 x 20 in (76 x 51 cm)
Inscription: l/r "F Schafer", in what seems a shaky version of the artist's block-letter hand
Verso: l/r "Chimney Rock/French Broad Region/W. Carson"; gummed sticker of Knudsen's Artistic Picture Framing on the frame.
Provenance: With Christopher Queen Galleries, Duncans Mills, California, by 1987; with an unidentified dealer, 2001; offered 25 November 2001 via eBay by Castile Galerie, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Reproductions: Christopher Queen Galleries photograph (color, undated); 25 November 2001 on-line sale catalog (color).
Citations: Christopher Queen Galleries record 288
Site: A view of Chimney Rock and Chimney Rock mountain from across the Broad River, about 25 miles southeast of Asheville, North Carolina.
Description: A tall, slender rock structure stands in the center of the canvas, above a river and below a brownish rocky mountain cliff that rises high to the right. The river enters in foam at the left front corner, flows toward the center beside a brownish bank on which stands an isolated broadleaf tree and under a snag, and exits in the distance on the left. In the middle distance a dark green forest separates the river from the cliffs; in the distance, another rocky cliff rises to the left, providing a subtle color sequence from foggy green forest at the base through a hazy reddish-brown of the cliff itself and hazy grey of a more distant cliff, and ending in a baby-blue sky. (From the painting, 10 January 1990.)
Note: Apart from this painting, there is no evidence that Schafer ever visited North Carolina. The painting strongly resembles a c. 1870 wood engraving of a painting by Harry Fenn published in Bryant, William C., editor, Picturesque America--more than it resembles the actual site--so it seems likely that Schafer painted it from the engraving. (The engraving was located by Ray Castello of Castile Galerie.)

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