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[photo] After a storm in the Rocky Mountains

Date: probably no date
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 20 x 34 in (51 x 86 cm)
Inscription: l/r "FSchafer", in the artist's characteristic block-letter hand, initials conjoined in a monogram
Verso: said to be "After a storm in Rocky Mtns", penciled on the canvas
Provenance: With Trifles and Treasures, San Anselmo, California; to private collection, San Francisco, c. 1971; with Garzoli Gallery, San Francisco, in 1983; with North Point Gallery, San Francisco, 1995.
Reproductions: Trenton, Patricia and Peter H. Hassrick, The Rocky Mountains plate 52; William K. Dick photo #16 (color, 1970).
Citations: Inventory of American Paintings… record 87440005
Description: An extensive landscape with snow-capped brown mountains rising high in the background, two indistinct ranges of grey foothills in the left middle distance, and on the left a beige and grey rocky cliff dotted with conifers. A two-tiered waterfall drops from the cliff into a valley, which cuts through the center of the scene from lower left to upper right. In the center foreground and climbing to the right above the valley is an open hillside with a few trees, a large white boulder, and some logs on the ground, one of which, at the center of the painting, directs the viewer's eye to the waterfall. A bird flies through the canyon, silhouetted against the distant mountains. The right lower triangle is in various shades of dark and light green with a few brown accents. (From a color photograph.)
Note: The composition closely resembles that of The Alps of California [1].
Legend: Trenton and Hassrick report that the date is "c. 1880". A note on the photo from William K. Dick proposes that the painting has been trimmed from an original size of 20 x 36 in.
Identification: The Inventory of American Paintings entry cites the description in Trenton and Hassrick, who credit William K. Dick the owner.
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