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(9) Report mentioning cost of the La Grange Dam painting

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Image credit: California Digital Newspaper Collection, found by James Marquardt.

Related images: 1. (17 September morning) Report that Schafer has sketched the La Grange dam.
2. (17 September evening) Description of the plan for the La Grange dam painting.
3. (24 September) Brief note mentioning that Schafer is preparing the dam painting.
4. (28 September 1914) Report of a second sketching visit by Schafer to the La Grange dam.
5. (6 October 1914) Report of commissioners inspecting the La Grange dam painting.
6. (12 November 1914) Report of another Schafer visit related to the La Grange dam painting.
7. (4 January 1915) Report of two La Grange dam exhibits and where they will appear.
8. (3 August 1916) Report that La Grange dam painting will move to Los Angeles.
9. (18 March 1915) Report mentioning cost of the painting.

Information about this image:
Original: Published Thursday, 18 March 1915, in the Merced Morning Star 35, 39, page 4, column 2.
Adjustments: Standard post-processing. Image contains ICC color profile.
Calibration: Targets

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