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5.11 Other artists named Schafer: [JtF?] Schäfer

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Untitled mountain landscape
Oil on canvas, size not reported
Owner's photograph

[JtF?] Schafer

A landscape painting signed with a monogram followed by "Schafer" was found in a Wisconsin antique store. The monogram is ambiguous, perhaps combining the letters J and F or maybe J and T. Examining the monogram in detail reveals that it was constructed in three or four strokes, the first being the downstroke that created a J-like shape, then perhaps the top cross, completing either a "J" or an "F", and finally the cross-stroke in the middle that looks a bit like a lower-case letter "t" or perhaps completes the "F".

The artist has not been identified.

For reference, at the left is an image of the painting and to the right is a detail showing the signature inscription.

[signature inscription]

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