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An (American?) artist who signs “F. Schäffer”

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An (American?) artist who signs "F. Schäffer"

An oil painting found in an Atlanta, Georgia, antique store and that may have emerged in a northeastern U.S. estate sale bears the signature "F. Schäffer" in a partly connected script hand that is unlike the examples of script hand that have been attributed to Frederick F. Schafer. The composition and subject matter are typical of Frederick F. Schafer, but the uniform finish and emerald green of the palette are not typical.

Nothing has been discovered about this F. Schäffer. Since nothing is known of Frederick F. Schafer's work in Germany before he emigrated to the United States, it is possible that this painting is one of his early works.

[painting image]

[Pond in the woods]
by "F. Schäffer"

Oil on canvas, 14 x 28
Image courtesy of the owner

[signature inscription]

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