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Frances H. Schafer

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Frances H. Schafer (Austrian/American 1924–1998)

A Vienna-born artist working in the United States state of Maine named Frances H. Schafer (1924–1998) signs her paintings "F Schafer" using block capital letters, a hand that is quite different in appearance from the square lettering hand of Frederick Ferdinand Schafer. The abstract style of this artist is so different from the realist style of Frederick Schafer that there is little chance of their work being confused.

For reference, at the right is an image of one of her paintings and a detail of its signature inscription.

[painting image]

Red Tide Pool
by Frances H. Schafer

Watercolor, 10.75 x 9.5 inches
Thomaston Place Galleries
April 2012
Dealer's photograph

[signature inscription]

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