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Painting record FFSd0887

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[photo] [Mount Hood from Hood River, Oregon 7] (attributed)

Date: undated
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 19 x 27 in (48 x 69 cm)
Inscription: unsigned
Verso: no inscription
Provenance: With eBay, Incorporated, Odessa, Florida, 6 September 2009, December 2010, February 2011, February 2012, and January 2013.
Citations: eBay, Incorporated item #300329406557
Attribution: Being unsigned, attribution must be done entirely by the appearance of the painting. The composition, style, brushwork, and palette are all typical of Schafer's work, so there is a good chance that the attribution to Schafer is correct.
Note: 1. The unusual size may indicate that the painting has been cut down. If so, that could also explain the lack of a signature inscription. 2. The eBay seller initially assigned the title "Yosemite Valley Indian camp"
Identification: Descriptive, assigned title

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