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Painting record FFSd0691

[photo] [A Study for Yosemite Valley]

Date: undated
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 12 x 9 in (30 x 23 cm)
Inscription: not signed
Verso: Frame u/r, partial sticker of Bonhams & Butterfields from 2001 sale. Frame u/l, sticker of George Stern Fine Arts, Los Angeles. Stretcher l/r, sticker of Denenberg Fine Arts Inc., San Francisco. Frame l/l, sticker of Bonhams & Butterfields from 2013 sale. Frame u/c, unidentified sticker with handwritten "21".
Provenance: With Bonhams & Butterfields, San Francisco, 12 December 2001. With Bonhams, San Francisco, 29 September 2013; with Clar's Auction Gallery, Oakland, California, 16 February 2014.
Reproductions: Bonhams & Butterfields 12 December 2001 sale catalog 7274D, lot 5177; Bonhams 29 September 2013 sale catalog 21005, lot 4096; Clar's Auction Gallery 16 February 2014 sale catalog, lot 2177.
Attribution: Not being signed, attribution is problematic. The foreground snags and botanically accurate trees are the only features that suggest that the painting might be by Schafer. The palette is atypical, there is no central focus, and the overall style simply does not look right. The attribution to Schafer thus seems unlikely.
Site: Although the title suggests Yosemite Valley the site is not recognizable.
Identification: Title as found in the 2001 sale catalog. The two art galleries used the title "Oil Study for Yosemite Valley". The 2013 and 2014 sale catalogs used the simpler title "Yosemite Study".

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