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[photo] On the Cloud River
Photo credit: Owner's photograph, 2014
Date: no date
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: reported to be 14 x 20 in (see note 1 below)
Inscription: l/r "F. Schafer" underlined, in the artist's characteristic block printing hand
Verso: Back is paper covered. Written on the paper, l/c "Morning on the Cloud River" in an unknown cursive hand using a style similar to Zaner-Bloser script. A framing shop sticker on the lower edge reads "Saake / 375-13-ST / OAKLAND, CAL."
Provenance: In private collection, Kauai, Hawaii, by 2014
Citations: Personal communication with the owner, 2014
Site: See note 2 below. The scene is probably a view of the McCloud River with Shasta Lake in the distance.
Note: 1. The aspect ratio of the image would would suggest that the painting is actually 12 x 20 or 14 x 22 inches. 2. Lists of place names in California do not mention a "Cloud River" but the existence of paintings by Schafer such as On the McCloud River of the similarly-appearing area near McCloud, California, suggest that the verso inscription may be a mistranscription of a title written on the back of the canvas.
Identification: Title from verso inscription, but the authority of that inscription is not known.

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