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Painting record FFSd0653

[no photo] [Lookout Rock, Yosemite Valley] (attributed)

Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 40 x 30 in (102 x 76 cm)
Inscription: said to be l/l "T Moran 1887" (illegible in photograph)
Provenance: In collection of Alice Doran Haynes by 1961; by gift to Santa Barbara Museum of Art. With 49 Steps Antiques, Los Angeles, 1965.
Exhibited: Two Hundred Years of American Painting, 1755-1960, Santa Barbara, 1961
Reproductions: 1961 exhibition catalog, fig 49; Archives of California Art (Thomas Moran file)
Attribution: A note from Paul Mills (on the back of the photograph in the Archives of California Art file) says that this painting has been challenged as not being by Moran. William K. Dick suggests that it could be by Schafer, perhaps cut down from 50 x 30 in. As best can be determined from the photographs, the brushwork, for example in the foreground dead tree and the midground mountain, does not appear typical of Schafer, though. Schafer is known to have painted this scene at least once. The painting [Yosemite view from Lookout Rock] appears in this inventory, and one with the title "Lookout Rock, Yosemite" appears in the list of paintings at an auction held 22 September 1882 at Dashaway Hall in San Francisco.
Description: A nearly vertical, shadowed cliff stands in the midground left with a small grove of flat-topped trees near its rim and a grove of conifers farther back from the edge. In the foreground left is a wildflower-lined path across a prominent rock formation on which stands a leaning dead tree. The trunk of a second dead tree lies across its base. On the right is a deep, forested valley with three successively more rugged mountains and the hazy suggestion of a fourth in the background. A tall tree in the valley below stands nearly in the center of the painting. The sky is filled with stormy clouds. (From a monochrome photograph.)
Identification: Title from the exhibition catalog.

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