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[photo] Autumn in the White Mountains [1]
Photo credit: The Sovereign Collection, 1996
Date: undated
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 16 x 24 inches (41 x 61 cm)
Inscription: l/r FSchafer, in the artist's block-letter hand, initials conjoined in a monogram
Verso: "Autumn in the White Mts #24" in pencil hand on the upper stretcher bar "Save" in pencil hand on frame; "Autumn…" excerpt of printed exhibition list.
Provenance: In private collection, Tacoma, Washington, area by 1996. with The Sovereign Collection, Portland, 1996.
Exhibited: Sovereign Collection World-Wide Web posting, 1996
Reproductions: Sovereign Collection photograph (color, 1996)
Description: A brook flows over a small waterfall and directly toward the viewer. In the background is a gray, round-topped mountain. To the right stands a skimpy broadleaf tree above a trail along the right side of the brook. Immediately behind the tree is a lower tree in fall foliage colors. The left bank of the brook is white-walled; above the bank the stope rises steeply and is brush-covered. On the right bank lies a snag sloping down into the brook. (From the painting, 26 July 1996.)
Note: This painting and Eagle Falls, Rocky Mountains, although of very different subjects, are somehow related: they carry verso labels from the same exhibition, similar markings on the stretcher bars, and are of the same size, and they probably have the same provenance. This painting also bears some resemblence to [Mountain stream 3]

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