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Frederick Ferdinand Schafer Painting Catalog

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[photo] [Sierra mountain landscape with lake] (attributed)
Photo credit: Early California and Western Art Research, 1990
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 22 x 36 in (56 x 91 cm)
Inscription: said to be unsigned
Provenance: With Butterfield & Butterfield, San Francisco, 03 July 1990
Reproductions: Early California and Western Art Research Schafer slide #107 (color, 1990)
Citations: 03 July 1990 sale catalog 4336W, lot 2065
Attribution: Since the painting is unsigned, attribution is problematic. In addition, the photograph is difficult to interpret. The mountain and its surrounding ridges are much more detailed than usual in a Schafer painting, but the palette and sky are Schafer-like. The foreground in the photograph is too dark to look for other identifying characteristics.
Description: A sharply chiseled granite mountain stands in the center flanked by other, similar granite projections, a landscape resembling the Swiss Alps or the Canadian Rockies more than the Sierras. A lake appears in the foreground center, surrounded by very dark forests. A large conifer stands out, silhouetted against the sky, on the right. (From a color photograph.)

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