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Painting record FFSd0197

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[photo] [Mount Shasta, from the meadows]

Date: said to be 1881
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 19 x 35 in (48 x 89 cm)
Inscription: not visible in the photograph
Reproductions: Inventory of American Paintings… record 72820084, S2.96 LC10/7
Citations: Dawdy, Doris Ostrander, Artists of the American West
Description: A light-colored lake is on the right, with a snow-capped mountain beyond, standing above a low foreground hill at the right edge. A grove of conifers, one leafless, stands against the sky at the left. A snag extends out over the lake edge. A lower left triangle, partly involving the shoreline, is dark. (From a very poor color photograph.)
Identification: Descriptive title of unknown origin, as found in the Inventory of American Paintings. Dawdy cites the Inventory.

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