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[photo] Evening, Mount Shasta from Cape Horn, California
Photo credit: William K. Dick, 1971
Date: probably undated
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 50 x 30 in (127 x 76 cm)
Inscription: between l/c and l/r "F Schafer", in the artist's block-letter hand
Verso: said to be "Ev. Mt. Shasta from Cape Horn, Ca."
Provenance: In private collection by 1971.
Reproductions: William K. Dick photo #143 (color, 1971); Archives of California Art photo (color)
Site: Mount Shasta, California, as viewed from the South, with Shastina to the left. The profile of the mountain is taller and narrower than it should be, perhaps to fit into the tall, narrow canvas.
Description: A horse and rider follow a dirt road along the edge of a cliff, about to disappear around a turn. In the distance, the snowcapped mountain stands against a greenish-blue sky with coral wisps of cloud. The setting sun colors the lower reaches of the mountain pink, and catches the top of a reddish brown ridge on the right as well as the bent-over top of a conifer silhouetted against the distant mountain on the left. At the left edge a rocky cliff descends in the middle distance rapidly down into the canyon. In the foreground left a dead tree stands on the hillside between two boulders; two fallen trees lie below it at the left side of the trail. A small patch of greenery is on the right side of the trail at the cliff's edge. On the right, the dark river valley below is sparsely covered with trees. (From a color photograph.)
Identification: The Archives of California Art photograph has the note "Rider on horseback" on its back.

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